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The Story

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IM720 was founded out of sheer necessity. As I launched an international beauty brand, I wasn't sure where to turn for the services and creative infrastructure needed to crack into the beauty market. 


What do we tackle first? How much should you pay for PR?  Is that the "right" influencer? How do I anticipate costs for events or an effective marketing campaign? What's my optimal retail strategy? How do I seek out celebrity endorsements or partnerships for the exposure I desperately need? What am I supposed to wear on camera? How do I overcome crazy stage fright? How do you find the right investor? Will the questions ever end? does Covid-19 mean for businesses to adapt and flourish? 


You'll find all these answers and more at IM720. 


True entrepreneurial souls know what'll happen when we're forced to get creative: magic happens. While I bring experience and expertise to drive your team, I am blessed to collaborate and partner with some of the best creative minds in the business. This allows us to serve as your Creative Dream Team: your one-stop shop for all things branding while maximizing your creative spend.

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I know starting a business and trying to make it grow are scary challenges. They can lead to uncertainties, doubts and an abundance of unanswered questions. I've walked that walk. 

For me, some of those answers were found during my previous 15 years experience in film and television. It allowed me to establish long standing relationships within the media industry and honed my budget-savvy creativity for design, opportunity and out-of-the-box business strategies.


I put that experience to work over the past 5 years, walking the path of a CEO in the beauty industry. More of those questions found an answer...and so much more. I had to wear every hat.


And I was forced to get creative. 

Ever an ardent believer in the power of relationships, I achieved on-air and in-print free, unsolicited endorsements on the streaming world's award winning, #1 show (16.5 million subscribers), and a multi-million dollar endorsement from an Oscar Award Winning Actress, while having a total marketing budget of less than $3000 per year. Getting creative became my stock-in-trade, and I'm excited to coach, discover and implement your creative strategies as you take your business as big as your dreams allow.  

Are you still wondering how I can best help you? I'm an experienced messaging and graphic designer - and love all things creative. I've assembled the best team to craft your message and execute your vision - while respecting your budget. As a certified business coach I can help you optimize your potential and work-life balance while creating a purposeful space for your out-of-the box thinking strategies to bloom.

My client list includes companies like Paramount, Warner Bros, Animal Planet, MTV, Netflix, ABC, HGTV, and Lionsgate; JW Marriott and Woodhouse Day Spas; and other industries from food to beauty to tech. I support philanthropies for children: P.S. I Love You Foundation and Hollygrove in California, and Together1Heart International which fights human trafficking. From logo design and partner strategy to ingredient decks and investor pitches...we could talk all day (which is why we start with 30 minutes!). 

I am a Mom of 2, a wife, a business woman, and an animal-loving Idaho farm girl based in Redondo Beach, California. I am an avid Coug fan as a WSU Alumna, and studed Communications, Language Arts and Psychology. I'm fervently passionate about people and possibilities. 

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