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lifelong best friends, executives and business coaches, coming together to create opportunities for you to grow your business with passion and purpose.

It's time.

Time to make 2023 your best year yet. Time to move your business forward, time to acquire more tools to elevate relationships in all aspects of your life. Join us in our next class: The Coach Approach for Sales and Service. Discover how you can expand your reach and opportunity, deepen your connections, network, and sharpen your skills to advance prosperity and abundance. Florish.
It's YOUR time. 


Discover how to engage the buyer, inspire the purchase and awaken enthusiasm for your brand, product & service!


Discover how to sell and serve CLIENTS with a Coach Approach. We recently facilitated this innovative course for a global company with AMAZING results, and now we are excited to share it with you!

Throughout the course you will learn and practice how to connect in a manner that transports valued clients from where they are to where they’d prefer to be, with your product or service.


How to Add Value. How to deliver a product, service or experience that inspires loyalty.

How to be Client-centric. Who is your client? How can you serve them best? What’s in it for them? What are they looking to see happen as a result of the products or  services your offering? Your clients are not paying for a product, they’re  investing for a result. With a client-centric approach, you reveal their goals  AND how the product or service will transport them there.

Establish a Reputation for an Elevated Standard of Excellence. Think about a recent investment you made in a product or service. What about their approach did or did not resonate with you? With a Coach Approach we focus on reputation, being intentional, and delivering beyond expectation.


Clarifying a Need and Your Value Proposition. What do you bring to the table? When a buyer is convinced, they  purchase feeling obligated and are likely to take their business elsewhere   in the future. Instead, we will equip you with questions to ask and self-   coaching strategies to optimize a client connection, in-person and virtually.

How do you earn a client’s loyalty, likes, loves & shares? One major distinction for the Coach Approach to Sales & Service is a transition of focus from “closing the deal” to “opening the relationship.”

Throughout the series, you will have an opportunity to experience giving and receiving compassionate feedback, practice the coach approach to sales & service philosophies, and consistently interact with peer participants and facilitators.


  • Personal and organization sales increased by 20 – 400% within 6 months.

  • Rapid leadership advancement within the organization.

We recognize that the Coach Approach for Sales & Service is a significant investment of time and treasure. We’re confident that you’ll see a return on your investment many times over. We would love for this to be a defining moment in your career and life!


  • Coaching Principles

  • Three Core Coaching Skills

  • Self-Coaching

  • Applying DiSC to Determine Behavioral Styles

  • Engaged & Engaging Communication

  • Empowering and Powerful Questions

  • Heart-Centered Listening

  • ICU Acknowledgement

  • Strategic Communication – The 5-Minute Conversation

  • Raise EQ – Increase Results with Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-Coach Approach for Sales & Service

Course content On-Demand will be released on Mondays 

Upon registration you will receive access to your Course Resource Page, the Zoom instructions and your Coach Approach for Sales & Service curriculum.

Regularly $995, Introductory Discount -$349 

To sign up you'll be directed to Coach with Grace using the links below: 
One-Time Investment: $349 OR
Two monthly payments of $175


Let’s Do This Together

More questions or need more info? Let's connect! 

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